Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The liberal case against Kerry

Sarah Baxter is a former political editor of the very-left New Statesman who now writes - I'm a Democrat for Bush:
Kerry's comment that Saddam would "not necessarily" be in power today if Bush had not gone to war made me think back to 1991, when I was at the New Statesman. I was virtually the only person there who thought that the ruler of Iraq's "republic of fear" should be kicked out of Kuwait.

Kerry voted against the 1991 Gulf war, despite his present blather about the United Nations, global tests and international alliances. There could not have been a broader coalition then. Had Kerry been president, Saddam would not only be in power today; he would be richer, more powerful and running Kuwait.
On how unfashionable it is to support Bush:
I did manage to tempt one person out of the closet at last week's awards ceremony. Alexandra Wolfe, 24, the daughter of Bonfire of Vanities novelist Tom Wolfe, confessed she was intending to vote Republican.

"If I say it out loud, it's death," she whispered. "In a place like this, people look at you like you are a freak. I believe in abortion and I totally believe Kerry is right on some social issues, but I just don't trust him on terrorism.

"I feel that Bush has the character to say, 'They did us wrong, and I'm going to get them back.' Kerry can talk the talk, but that's all he's good at."
Kerry has advocated reverting to binational talks with North Korea which were a complete failure under Clinton. It is also a "unilateral" move since he would turn his back on the multinational approach that Bush has taken, involving North Korea's neighbours in the decision making process.

Kerry's answer to the Israel/Palestine issue is to send yet another special envoy. The US did this every year for the past 30 years and it didn't work.


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