Thursday, October 07, 2004

More on Pitcairn

Socialism in an Age of Waiting comments on the rather strange reaction of some liberals to the Pitcairn sexual abuse case.

It reminds me of Bert Potter's rationalisation for pedophilia - the kids only suffer because society tells them its wrong, if there was no taboo against adult-child sex then the children would be able to lie back and enjoy it. Potter constructed a whole community around this point of view.

Now similar arguments are being put forward to excuse what has happened at Pitcairn.

It's interesting to note that McLauchlan made a point of calling the Pitcairn Islanders "Polynesians". I think he was trying to suggest some sort of Margaret Mead-style view of Polynesians as being sexual free-spirits, unencumbered by Western, puritan inhibitions until the arrival of the missionaries.


Blogger Greyshade said...

Pitcairn islanders must be an interesting population which until recently was derived from a precisely half-polynesian ancestral gene pool. Actually Polynesians may well have been "sexual free spirits" (at least until marriage) before the Missionaries wrecked their culture. The problem is that both contemporary Pitcairn Islanders and Margaret Mead's Samoans were post-Missionary.

None of this, of course, excuses what were obviously grossly exploitative relationships. If they weren't there wouldn't be complainants.

7 October 2004 at 10:35 AM  

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