Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The results of the Intifada

From Ha'aretz on Palestinian actions -
Why, after the Oslo Accords, which Israel went through hell and high water to approve, did they unleash a campaign of bloody terror, blowing up buses, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants and markets? Why did they go on an indiscriminate murder spree, butchering citizens of all ages? Why did they launch another wave of terror at the split second that another opportunity arose for a settlement brokered by President Clinton at Camp David? Why is every senior American peacemaker sent here to tie up the loose ends of some deal always greeted by a terror attack that sabotages the mission even before it begins?
Counter-productive would be an understatement -
Another thing they don't get is that their impatience and embrace of violence have turned the tables politically in this country. Peaceniks have gone over to the far right. Every time public opinion tilts in the direction of concession and compromise - for example, the overwhelming majority in favor of Sharon's disengagement plan - the Palestinians do something that ends up helping the opponents of evacuation.
I would add that the remaining peaceniks don't do the cause much good either.


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