Wednesday, October 06, 2004


From talking to friends in Sydney the feeling is Howard will get back in. Which is remarkable given that he doesn't want the job anymore and his decision to back the US in Iraq was deeply polarising. Peter Garret may not be that much of an asset for Labour this time round. People who will vote Greens see him as selling out and middle of the road Labour voters see him as a loopy Greeny. He can't win either way but perhaps in the long term he may do Labour some good.

Plenty of posters up around Glebe for the Greens and Socialist Alliance. The Socialist Alliance were advertising a meeting where the new threat of behavioural genetics would be deemed Not Correct, our behaviour being determined (for the worse no doubt) by Capitalist Society.

Spent the rainy afternoons browsing The Glebe Bookshop. Stacks of anti-Bush books awaiting their future in discount bins. Saw a hardcopy of Dissent Magazine for the first time. Bought a copy of The Essential Difference: The Truth about the Male and Female Brain. Not as well written as similar books by authors such as Matt Ridley but worth reading for the evolutionary psychology perspective. The book has a few quizzes which are fun. One is picking emotions from photos of people which show just their eyes. I did reasonably well, my XX partner did better, as expected. Very interesting to see where mistakes were made. Plenty of books on film which I wanted to buy but managed to refrain.

The weather fined up for the last couple of days so managed to get to Nielson Park beach for a swim. Water still a bit on the cool side but a simply glorious place to lounge around on the sand, watching Sydney at play.


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I don't think you've mentioned everything you got up to while in Sydney...

7 October 2004 at 4:44 PM  

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