Thursday, October 28, 2004

Things I thought I'd never see

This headline from The Independent of all places
Mr Sharon deserves international support
And from Jonathan Freedland
Sharon has done what no leader of the left could ever have done with as much national credibility: he has, at long last, taken on the settlers and challenged the logic of their cause.
I've been a reluctant supporter of Sharon for a while now partly because the so-called peace movement has offered no constructive course of action -
Progressives should draw a double lesson from Sharon's move. First, sometimes even hate figures can become allies. Second, every slogan, every panacea, no matter how sound in theory, needs to survive in the chill wind of reality. These past few days have given us a blast of that cold air
All the hysteria and paranoia that comes out of the "alternative" media like Scoop has amounted to nothing in terms of advancing any solution.


Blogger Greyshade said...

I think that should have been "no leader of the left could have successfully stood up to the settlers". Yitzhak Rabin stood up to them and Sharon has acknowledged his contribution (see In the same spirit we should acknowledge Sharon's couageous step towards peace and pray (to whoever) that he will not suffer the same fate.

29 October 2004 at 12:16 PM  
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