Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What would Kerry do?

...with all that free time on his hands.

- Syria is making let's be friends noises.

- Libya has come in from the cold.

- North Korea now has to deal with Bush's multinational approach and can't pick its neighbours off one by one like it did under Clinton.

- The US in conjunction with Europe could possibly be on the verge of dealing with Iran's nuclear threat.

- Afghanistan is moving towards democracy.

- Iraq will be having elections soon.

- Bush has wrangled the Security Council into taking a firmer stand on Darfur.

- US mediation has lead to a decrease in tension between India and Pakistan.

And now there is an outbreak of liberal activism in the Middle East:

An Opening For Arab Democrats
An independent human rights group appeared in Syria this month; Saudi women organized a movement to demand the right to vote in upcoming municipal elections. On the same day that the Egyptian foreign minister belittled what is now called the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative (BMENA) in an interview with The Post, an unprecedented alliance of opposition parties and citizens' groups issued a platform in Cairo calling for the lifting of emergency laws, freedom of the press and direct, multi-candidate elections for president.
And Bush's role?
While there have been some arrests, most of the nascent democrats are surviving. Despite all the defiant rhetoric, Egyptian and Saudi police, it turns out, are hesitant to pummel people who say they are responding to the president of the United States.
I suppose Israel/Palestine would always be there to give Kerry something to worry about. Maybe he would use the free time fulfilling his promise to put the breaks on outsourcing, i.e. hindering free trade and stopping US wealth from moving to other, poorer, countries.


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