Monday, November 01, 2004

Fisk wrong, again

So bin Laden has officially claimed responsibility for 9/11. Robert Fisk, an "expert" on the Middle East had this to say just after 9/11 on bin Laden's involvement -
Is he capable of it? Look, I'll give you one tiny example. The second time I met him in Afghanistan, four years ago, at the top of a mountain, it was cold and in the morning when I woke in the camp tent, I had frost in my hair. He walked into the tent I was sitting in and sat down opposite me, cross-legged on the floor and noticed in the school bag I usually carry in rough country to keep things in, some Arabic-language newspapers and he seized upon these and went to the corner of the tent with a sputtering oil lamp and devoured the contents.

For 20 minutes, he ignored us, he ignored the gunman sitting in the tent, he ignored me and he didn't even know, for example, that it was stated in one of the stories in the newspaper that the Iranian foreign minister had just visited Riyadh, his own country, Saudi Arabia, well, his until he lost his citizenship. So he seemed to me at the time to be very isolated, a cut off man, not the sort of person who would press a button on a mobile phone and say, "Put plan B into action".

So I don't think you can see this as a person who actually participates in the sense of planning, step-by-step, what happens in a nefarious attack.
I suppose it was nice of Robert to give bin Laden the benefit of the doubt.

This interview is interesting as well -

Fisk asks bin Laden -
But what of the Arab mujahedin he took to Afghanistan - members of a guerilla army who were also encouraged and armed by the United States - and who were forgotten when that war was over?
bin Laden's reply -
"Personally neither I nor my brothers saw evidence of American help."
For some reason Fisk was also against military intervention against Milosevic.


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