Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Iraena Asher

I think NZPundit gets it wrong over the Police and Iraena Asher issue.

Although I can sympathise with NZP's antipathy towards Police-bashing liberals, the way he deals with the mental illness question is way off beam.

I heard a paranoid depressive spouting lots of therapeutic psychobabble (that she's obviously picked up from some counsellor) in a conversation riddled with the perceived affronts and sleights that any person with experience of the mentally ill will be well familiar with.
Iraena Asher's state of mind may well have been the result of mental illness and not of any real threat. However, any person in such a state of mind is potentially a threat to themselves and others.

Modern metal health treatment is based on including those suffering such an illness in the care planning process. One aspect is to encourage them to learn what the early signs are of their illness and to seek appropriate support. Clearly Iraena Asher was seeking support. But the way in which she sought that support was of course filtered through a troubled mind.

I have, in a professional capacity, seen the interaction of the Police with people with mental health problems and they have always acted in a professional and therapeutic manner. In this instance, however, a mistake was made.


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