Friday, November 05, 2004

Is Bush "anti-Science"?

Some groups such as the anti-GE environmental lobby group Union of Concerned Scientists think so but Thrasymachus over at very pro-evolution Gene Expression is not so sure.

UPDATE: In Reason, a not uncritical look at Bush's science policy:

George W. Bush, Man of Science
Appointments to scientific advisory committees aside—overlooking the irony of a group of scientists endorsing Senator John Kerry for president because President Bush has "politicized" science—has the Bush administration done anything all that different from past administrations? "[I]t is increasingly impossible to ignore that this White House disdains research that inconveniences it," magisterially declared the editors of Scientific American. But the Bush administration is not the first administration to allegedly "disdain" scientific evidence. As I described earlier, the Clinton administration fired scientists who didn't agree with its take on ozone depletion, denied federal funding for research on human embryos that a federal advisory body recommended, and jiggered studies on second-hand cigarette smoke until it got the result it wanted.


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