Friday, November 19, 2004

Moral Relativism II

I watched the anti-death penalty film Dead Man Walking last night. Purely by chance, I'm no fan of Sarandon and Penn in their liberal mode.

Penn's character has been given the death penalty for the brutal acts of rape and murder.

During the execution scene, where Penn's character is portrayed in a Christ-like manner (he's dying for our sins apparently), the film intercuts flashbacks of the crime with the execution by lethal injection. The deliberate point the movie is trying to make is that these two acts, the crime and the punishment, are morally equivalent. The moral relativist argument.

Now, I'm an opponent of the death penalty but this is the weakest argument against it there is. There is no way most people would consider the brutal crime of rape and murder can be equated to the death penalty. There is a difference.

If I see one more movie featuring Hollywood liberals attempting to use the argument of moral relativism to oppose the death penalty I'd be tempted to reconsider my views.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They might as well flash forward in time and show a potential future murder for juxtoposition.
Having said that I personally think the death penalty should be unecessary.

19 November 2004 at 11:07 AM  

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