Monday, December 13, 2004

Bush not so unpopular with Arabs

This is very interesting -

In Damascus, they voted for George W. Bush
And thus I came to realize something that the Democrats could never admit: that there exists a support base for both the Republicans' domestic and foreign agenda among the very people we thought most opposed current U.S. policy. The cultural background and value systems which inform many of these young Arabs' outlook on the world mean they will always favor men like Bush over men like Kerry. The tenets of faith, family and, yes, "moral issues" determine the overall political leanings of a considerable number of the Middle East's future leaders, in rejection of Democratic stump issues like increased liberalism, internationalism and scientific progress.

Though Democrats are often quick to criticize their opponents for seeing the issues in stark black and white, "us and them" terms, perhaps they ought to step back from their own obsession with "red" and "blue" dichotomies and recognize this nuance of Middle Eastern reality. Having a truly even-handed and practical approach to peace in the Arab world means realizing that not everyone, and certainly not all of the elites in Arab society, sympathize with the anti-American movements taking place within their own ranks, and that these heartland Arabs could prove a valuable ally in future U.S.-Arab relations.
So maybe the Republicans are best placed to reach out to the moral conservatives within the Muslim world.

There has been criticism of US military intervention along the lines of pushing the American Way and not truly promoting democracy. I happen to disagree but another issue is what exactly is the "American Way"? When Bush's message finds resonance such as in the above piece perhaps we should be thinking more in terms of the universal nature of our species.


Blogger peasant said...

It is patantly obvious that the "moral decadence of the West" is a rallying point for Muslims.
Mainstream Arabs no doubt shake their heads in dismay at the strident demands of our liberal compatriots, who insist on broadcasting material that glorifies and exalts the most base aspects of humanity. In the name of their endless "freedoms" they demand laws that bear no relation to the moral structures on which western civilization was founded.

They call it "reality". I call it depravity. Muslims have a valid point. Values do matter. Humans do not exist in an isolated moral bubble.

13 December 2004 at 5:05 PM  
Blogger Genius said...

I still find it hard to believe that Bush would have WON an election there. Although I expect he would have got some suport.

14 December 2004 at 8:06 AM  

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