Thursday, December 16, 2004

Fareed Zakaria on Iraq

'Who the Devil Really Was'

He is cautiously optimistic about elections -
I have never believed that the chaos in Iraq during the last 18 months was inevitable or that Iraq is destined for insurgency and civil war. Many of the problems that afflict Iraq today are the result of bad American policies. As those policies have been reversed, things have gotten better.
And rightly scathing of the European Left -
I arrived in London the day after Hamid Karzai's inauguration as Afghanistan's newly elected president. Britain's most serious left-of-center newspaper, The Guardian, reported on the event in detail, noting that after decades of war, coups and bloodshed, this was a historic day. Its op-ed page had a somewhat different interpretation. It carried a huge, lurid cartoon of Dick Cheney, surrounded by Bush, Rumsfeld and Karzai, all looking drunk or mad or both, and singing, "Ashghanistan! Ashghanistan! From Sea to Shining Sea!!!" Is this the European left's response to elections in Afghanistan? If so, it had better brace itself for even worse news: elections in Iraq.


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