Wednesday, December 01, 2004

More on UN Reform

The New York Times covers the release of the UN reform report -

U.N. Calls for an Updated Council

It all looks promising. Enlarged Security Council, a definition of terror, a recognition that military intervention can save lives -
One of the few upward trends the panel noted was the United Nations' ability to end civil wars through intervention, an outcome that virtually never occurred until the 1990's. The official said that if the civil wars in Rwanda and Angola had been ended the way they were in places like Guatemala, El Salvador, Mozambique and Namibia, two to three million lives would have been saved.
and of UN failings -
The panel said that the United Nations had failed to provide the expected leadership in developing a way to combat terror and at the same time protect human rights and the principles of international law.
The UN was due for a bit of an overhaul. We might well be thanking Bush for creating the desire and opportunity.


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