Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Scoop's creepy connections

No surprise that the whole SIS-spying-on-Tariana-Turia-thing was all paranoid nonsense - Clark says 'fiction' dig at Star-Times vindicated.

After all it did originate with Nicky Hager and Scoop.

The two leading sources for this misinformation are Jack Sanders and Gerald Thorns. They are involved with an outfit called Global-Protect All Children (Global-PAC). I'm not going to link to the site since I think it is very, very dubious. (I don't find this statement from Gerald Thorns reassuring - “I am not a paedophile and I can look myself in the eye anytime”).

And look at which organisation pops up in this piece of Jewish conspiracy nonsense from Scoop -

Israeli Intelligence Sends NZ Message Via Asian-Based NGOs.

Yes, it's Global-Protect All Children.

So in fact the sources for these two conspiracy theories are the same. Scoop has very odd connections.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neil Morrison aka stinky sock thief of Auckland University and AUT and loving realtionship to the Jewish
Council are duely noted....the Jesuits are fond of you but only as a temporary fix...you will fail in your endeavours

8 January 2005 at 5:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who would love to hate Gerald Thorns but the.... AUT /Jewish council connection....mmmm rends us of this:

Police seeking the so-called fourth man in the Israeli spy case want to talk to a NZer who has gone to Israel. The day after Uriel Kelman & Eli Cara were caught trying to obtain a NZ passport, Tony Resnick, a former member of the Auckland Jewish Council, suddenly left his job at the Auckland University of Technology & flew out of the country. Kelman & Cara, who pleaded guilty although they have lodged an appeal, were charged with Zev William Barkan, a former Israeli diplomat who is on the run. The Government believes the three men were working for Israeli intelligence agencies. Police have been hunting a fourth NZ-based person they believe helped the trio. The passport application, sent with Barkan's photograph, was lodged in the name of a wheelchair-bound man with cerebral palsy. Mr Resnick, 35, was a respected & well-liked paramedic with the St John Ambulance in Auckland before taking a job as a lecturer in the division of healthcare practice at AUT two years ago. On March 24, the day after Kelman & Cara were arrested, he was expected at lectures but did not turn up. The Weekend Herald has learned that he boarded a flight to Hong Kong. His wife & children left several days later. Students were told he had had to go overseas because a friend had been in a car accident. In June, he resigned from abroad, telling AUT he was unable to return to NZ because of family medical reasons. Mr Resnick, a practising Jew, was born in NZ but has lived in Israel. Yesterday the house where he stayed with his family was empty & locked up. His father, Selwyn, said his son was abroad & he did not know when he would be back. He refused further comment. Stephen Goodman, president of the Jewish Council in Auckland, said Tony Resnick had been a member of the council. He did not know him well but said Selwyn Resnick had told him recently his son had been thinking about going back to Israel for some time. "He had lived in Israel for some time, he met his wife there, they came back here, I don't think he ever really settled." Mr Goodman said he would be very surprised if Mr Resnick was involved as he had always seemed a "very straight-up" sort of person. Assistant Commissioner Jon White said police were investigating several lines of inquiry, but he was not able to comment. The father of the man whose identity was stolen said his son was a member of the St John Ambulance but he did not know if he had come into contact with Mr Resnick. Mr Resnick is believed to have worked as a paramedic in Israel & was employed by St John in Auckland as an ambulance officer. He started in 1998 & worked as a casual until he left in June 2002. Steve Walker, watch manager for St John Ambulance in Auckland, said that although he did not know him well, Mr Resnick was well-liked. "He was very competent, a good-skilled person. Nice guy, pleasant to talk to He came to us as a qualified ambulance officer." Mr Walker was not sure if his qualifications came from Israel but he presumed so: "He did a talk at one of our conferences about ambulance response in Israel." AUT spokeswoman Heather Shiels said he resigned by E-mail on June 9. Asked if the E-mail was from Israel, she said: "I can't confirm that." Mr Resnick was a paramedics lecturer at the Akoranga Campus on the North Shore. He started on contract & joined the full-time staff in February last year. Ms Shiels said he had taken "leave of absence" on March 24. He had not been in contact, but that

8 January 2005 at 6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morrison can be considered as an honorary Mossad helper elf, he and his Jewish Coucil /AUT /Mossad network should be the only ones being sought by police especially because the sis are too busy looking for imaginary terrorists in New Zealand.

found this on Indymedia today:

The SIS is out of control.
New Zealand journalists are being manipulated by the secret intelligence agencies. We ought to try put an end to it. The SIS recruit journalists to spy on other people, or to go themselves under journalistic "cover". This occurs today and it has gone on for years. It is dangerous, not only for the journalist concerned, but for other journalists who get tarred with the espionage brush. Intelligence officers also pose as journalists in order to write tendentious articles under false names.

Another form of manipulation is most insidious - when intelligence agency propaganda stories are planted on willing journalists. There is a very active programme by the SIS to colour what appears in the New Zealand press, called information operations, or "I/Ops".

The NZ Herald recently lifted the figleaf of its close SIS sources by referring to channels of contact that they have with the SIS, which enables them to determine who is or isn’t an SIS operative, something which even a Member of our Parliament cannot do.

The Herald stated in a front page headline story, that two of the alleged SIS “operation leaf” whistleblowers Jack Sanders and Gerald Thorns, were being sought by police, even though that was actually not the case.

Readers ought to know where this material is coming from.

Following the New Zealander Richard Tomlinson defection from MI6 and his subsequent revelations of British media I/Ops, which have continued with the Iraq war disinfo, it would be a fair assumption that our own SIS have "taken a leaf" from their close friends in MI6.

The Herald and the SIS have started spinning a work of fiction about radical Islamists. Manufacturing the nightmare vision of a uniquely powerful hidden organisation waiting to strike. Wherever we look for this al-Qaeda organisation that the SIS claims are here, we can see they are chasing a phantom enemy.

But the reason that no-one questions the illusion is because this nightmare enemy gives so many groups new power and influence in a cynical age - and not just politicians.

Unfortunately, in the vanity of the Herald "journalists", they imagine that they control these SIS “intelligence sources”. But the truth is that they are very deliberately seeking to deceive.

NZ Herald Political Cartoonist Evans’ sacking in 2003 and the more recent, bizarre anti Cuban commentary that has appeared -are further indications that something is very wrong at the Herald. Journalists there seem to be increasingly run by a handful of powerful politicians and editors, pursuing selective agendas.

Justice Neazor is currently conducting a secretive enquiry into the allegations of spying on Maori.The SIS accountability provisions introduced in 1996 have been shown to be totally worthless. In the case of the Choudry break-in, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security would not even confirm or deny that the SIS were involved. He also made the legally incorrect statement that "the actions and procedures which affected the complainants directly or indirectly were lawful, reasonable and justified." In light of the contempt the SIS has shown for the law and the failure of the complaint procedures, the SIS should not be given extra powers but should be made more accountable.

The Neazor enquiry will more than likely come to the conclusion that the SIS have never spied on Maori and there was no operation leaf. The Herald will then loyally report that there is nothing to worry about and we can trust the SIS completely.
The SIS has been acting with blatant disregard for the law, with or without the complicity of the Prime Minister of the day. Then, when it gets caught or simply decides that it wants greater powers, it convinces parliament that the powers to which it has already helped itself are essential for it to be effective. Friendly journalists then assist the SIS by planting stories to assist the whole process.

The SIS is not accountable to parliament (only to a handful of people within parliament) and has also been largely untouchable through the courts. It needs to be reined in and only a major public outcry will have any chance of achieving this.

Re: SIS Spies Subvert New Zealand Media
by T.P
03 Jan 2005
There really was an illegal "Operation Leaf" carried out by two SIS officers in the mid to late 1980s. Snippets of this came to light after they started to leak information about supposed Maori subversion to a defence affairs journalist in Wellington. The journalist was Roger Foley who was a former RNZAF officer. The two SIS officers who were carrying out the illegal surveillance of Maori were also former RNZAF officers. Foley's news reports hinted that there was some internal strife in the NZSIS over "Operation Leaf". His last report was that the two SIS guys had been sacked for their activities.

Roger Foley later became Winston Peters' press officer, and is now the Communications Officer at the Porirua City Council.

8 January 2005 at 4:32 PM  
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