Thursday, January 06, 2005

Blumenthal's bile

Sidney Blumenthal joins the queue of those whose first reaction to the tsunami is to attack their political foes.

Blumenthal is long on allegation and short on proof. Meanwhile the evil Powell is on the ground actually doing something.

His characterisation of Paul Wolfowitz as an enemy of democracy is grossly misleading as one can see from this piece in Slate
In the early '70s, as a young Defense Department hand, he rallied conservatives against d├ętente, arguing that the untrustworthy Soviets would exploit any American softness. He has preached for democracy on occasions when a Kissingerian would not. As ambassador to Indonesia in the late '80s, he lectured the dictator Suharto and his lackeys on the need for political openness. He pressed for democracy in the Philippines rather than blindly backing a pro-U.S. dictator.
Strangely, he belittles his former boss Clinton by portraying him as Bush's pawn. Clinton, being the consummate politician, has played his hand far better, avoiding the cheap shots.


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