Thursday, January 20, 2005

Condi appointed

Condoleezza Rice gets the job. She must be in the running for at least VP next elections. Just possibly Arnold could have the constitution changed so he could run. That would be some team. There would be nothing the Dems could do, maybe run Sean Penn. Ha.

Rice may be able to make significant contributions US diplomacy as Jonathon Freedman notes - is not delusional to hope that a new Bush could yet surface - one more like the probing, thoughtful homme sérieux described to Newsweek. The crucial witness here is the woman who appeared before the senate yesterday, Condoleezza Rice. She is no Colin Powell, but by placing such a close confidante at the state department, Bush has upgraded the status of diplomacy itself. Perhaps just as important, Rice's deputy is to be Bob Zoellick, a veteran of Bush's father's administration - and an old-style Republican internationalist à la James Baker. That could augur well for a more engaged, alliance-conscious approach to US foreign policy.


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