Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Gambling in the womb

From Science Direct -

Male and female sexual orientation differences in gambling
Sex differences are consistently observed in gambling research. Men and women differ in their motivation for gambling, their interest in gambling, and how and in what form gambling takes place. A substantial body of evidence exists that differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals mimic comparable sexually dimorphic somatic, cognitive, and behavioral differences between men and women. Thus, given the presence of sex differences in gambling, we predict significant sexual orientation differences in gambling. That is, male homosexuals will resemble female heterosexuals in their gambling activity, and female homosexuals will resemble male heterosexuals in their gambling activity.
There's a joke there somewhere but I'm a bit slow this morning.

Although the main theme of the study is the biology of sex differences it is also interesting from the point of view of developing health polices to deal with addictive behaviors -
Thus, given that the sexual orientation findings for gambling resemble the findings for alcohol and tobacco use, perhaps gambling should be seen within a broader context of sexually dimorphic addictive/externalizing behaviors. As such, these behaviors may reflect in part a common origin - the relative masculinization of the brain by prenatal hormones.
So the solution is to stop the masculinization brains. Won't happen. I'd bet on it.


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