Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hersh on Iran

Given that Kevin Drum is that last person to be seen defending Bush it is worth considering his reaction to Hersh's article on Bush's policy towards Iran.

His conclusion makes sense -
You can obviously make an argument that 9/11 profoundly changed the way we wage war, and you can also make an argument that laws passed three decades ago ought to be revisited and updated. But this is a debate we should be having loudly and publicly, not in back rooms and closed door briefings.
Points one and two I agree with and also that with point three "Hersh's sources for all this seem fairly thin".

No matter what one's opinion of Bush and the Iraq war the reality is that we are facing a theocratic dictatorship with nuclear weapon aspirations. There does not appear to be an easy solution and the last thing we should get into is another round of Bush bashing. Those that disagree with whatever policy Bush comes up with first need to have a realistic alternative.


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