Sunday, January 23, 2005

Liberals and Evolution - not close friends after all

Some liberal reaction to the Summers controversy has been telling. Crooked Timbers and PZ Myers make rather strange ad hominem attacks on Steven Pinker who had the temerity to argue
...shouldn't everything be within the pale of legitimate academic discourse, as long as it is presented with some degree of rigor? That's the difference between a university and a madrassa.
I find the degree of hostility this has provoked unnerving. Summers was suggesting the possibility of genetic differences contributing to the under-representation of women in some subjects. He also said that a major factor is sexual discrimination. Which all of the above critics choose to ignore.

Nowhere was Summers saying that under-representation was not a problem or that any genetic variance justified under-representation or failing to do anything about it. For his troubles he's been branded a chauvinist.

An example of how some liberals have as much trouble with evolution as some conservatives.


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