Thursday, January 13, 2005

One Left-wing point of view

Seumas Milne
They would do better to remind their friends that there can be no democracy without genuine sovereignty and self-determination. The only way to hold free and fair elections in Iraq - and draw the sting of mass resistance - is for the aggressor states to withdraw their forces and let the Iraqis run their own affairs.
Such a withdrawal would lead to, and it hardly takes much reasoning to see, the victory of secular and/or religious fascists.

Those elements aren't fighting for free and fair elections. Their goal is no elections, ever.

To oppose the war is a legitimate stand. To become a cheerleader for the enemies of liberal values is a strange place to be driven to by the mere hatred of Bush and Blair.

Seumas Milne is, disturbingly, the editor of The Guardian's comment section.

Another possible left-wing position is to accept that in an ideal world elections would take place without the presence of occupying forces but since we live in the real world we should accept that they cannot take place without them. And the quickest way to have them gone is by having an elected government.


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