Friday, January 21, 2005

Victory for PC thought police

Although I'm in general agreement with Jordan on the issue of Political Correctness, the stifling of debate by some on the left does occur from time to time, the latest being -

President of Harvard Tells Women's Panel He's Sorry
Dr. Georgi had e-mailed Dr. Summers earlier in the week, saying he thought that it had been a mistake for the Harvard president to speak as an intellectual provocateur during his remarks at the academic conference, forgetting that they would be interpreted as the beliefs of the university's leader.
I thought the role of Universities academics was to rock the boat, not tow the party line. It's disturbing when fellow academics are advising others not to be provocative.

For some the mere suggestion that biological differences are important is a crime. And this is coming from the liberal left, not the right.

But this issue does emphasise the impact on policy formation that evolution can have. An understanding of evolution leads to acknowledging that not all differences in achievement between the sexes can be explained by discrimination. And, as a corollary, attempts at redressing such inequality will need to take into account the ways in which the minds of men and women can differ.


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